City of Upper Arlington

The City has partnered with a company called SmartRecycle and now offers a convenient means for residents to recycle old cell phones, inkjet printer cartridges and toner cartridges. Just look for the SmartRecycle display wherever you purchase your Solid Waste stickers (local grocery stores, Municipal Services Center, etc.) to pick up a supply of pre-addressed/postage paid plastic envelopes. Then, just insert and mail these used items directly to SmartRecycle. Another option is to bring items directly to drop-off points available at City buildings. As part of this partnership, the City will receive a portion of the proceeds arising from the re-processing of these items, used to support the Solid Waste Fund.

Jim Maholm is the representative for City of Upper Arlington. You can contact your representative via phone at 614-430-3693 or email by Clicking Here.

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